Dividend Policy

The Company recognises the importance of consistent dividend payments to shareholders.

The current dividend policy is to pay dividends to shareholders after considering our level of realised net profits after tax, retained earnings and franking credits.  The Company has announced the following dividend targets:

  Dividend Amount Payment Date Status
2018 Final Dividend  0.25 cents August 2018  
2018 Interim Dividend 0.25 cents February 2018  
2017 Final Dividend 0.25 cents August 2017 Paid
2017 Interim Dividend 0.25 cents February 2017 Paid
2016 Final Dividend 0.25 cents August 2016 Paid
2016 Interim Dividend 0.25 cents February 2016 Paid


Investors should note that any dividend is not payable until formally declared.  Accordingly, the Company makes no assurance as to dividends or what, if any, franking will be attached until a formal declaration is made. 

Any dividend payments also remain subject to compliance with relevant legal requirements and specifically the relevant Corporations Act. The Company will seek appropriate advice at the time of any specific dividend declaration to ensure compliance.

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Net Asset Backing

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